Travel Duration

Q: How long does it take for a passenger train to reach New Kapiri-Mposhi from Dar es Salaam and vice versa?

A: The TAZARA Journey takes approximately 46 hours between Dar es Salaam and New Kapiri-Mposhi. At times, the passenger trains pass through specific areas along the line to enable passengers view the magnificent scenery, game and other attractions, to mention but a few.

Provisions onboard

Q: What are passengers provided with on the train?
A: For the First Class passengers we provide beddings, toiletries and bottled mineral water. We also provide room service for upper classes, i.e. food and drinks may be served in the compartments. We also have a lounge car where customers in the upper class can relax and watch movies, whilst being served with chilled or hot beverages of choice.

People Per Compartment

Q: Do you allow people of the same family to be in one compartment?

A: Yes, we do allow, provided your prior booking was for a full compartment and was clearly indicated as a family compartment. Otherwise, we do not mix passengers of different sexes. Passengers of different sexes shall occupy different compartments.

Q: How many people can travel in one compartment?

A: Our 1st class compartments have four berths (for 4 persons) whilst 2nd class compartments have six berths (for 6 persons).

Local Transportation

Q: Is there any transport connections from New Kapiri-Mposhi and how does one get to New Kapiri-Mposhi?

A: At New Kapiri-Mposhi, one can catch public buses and taxis to Lusaka or any other destination. However, if the train for one reason or another is delayed and arrives at night, we recommend that you avoid moving at night, due to safety reasons. The best, in this case, is to look for accommodation and spend the night in Kapiri-Mposhi and connect to your destination in the morning.

If your journey begins are from New Kapiri-Mposhi, you may want to use public transport from Lusaka or from the Copperbelt. However, some public transporters are not reliable and there may be no guarantee that you will be able yo catch the train in good time. Therefore ensure that you get on the earliest bus to take you to Kapiri-Mposhi. If you can afford a taxi, better eve. A taxi should cost between $100 – 150 from Lusaka and much less from the Copperbelt

Getting a Travel Visa

Q: Can one obtain a visa on the train?

A: Immigration matters are always best dealt with by immigration experts and well in advance. We advise our passengers to complete visa arrangements before taking the train. For Tanzanian and Zambian nationals, immigration formalities are relatively easier and are dealt with on board. Our experience is that nationalities, other than Zambians and Tanzanians, have varying conditions of entry into Zambia or Tanzania. We therefore strongly recommend that one undertakes prior consultations with the relevant immigration authorities before travelling. Further details may be obtained from in the case of Tanzanian Immigration or in the case of Zambian Immigration.

Buying Tickets

Q: How can I make a reservation to travel and how can I get my ticket? Can I buy a ticket online?

A: At the moment, we are unable to offer online sale of tickets. However, we do accept reservations via email, although you would then have to purchase your ticket physically at any of our stations before or on the actual day of travel. For further details on reservations and purchasing of tickets, please go to:


Please, remember that you will need to purchase your ticket either a few days before the journey or on the actual day of travel. Therefore, you need to choose the most convenient booking office, from where you will also buy your ticket. If you have not bought your ticket in advance, but have made an advance booking, you need to arrive at the station earlier, say an hour or two before the expected departure time.

Note that reservation enquiries will only be attended to during working hours, i.e. 07:30 – 17:00hrs (CAT and EAT) from Monday to Friday.